Well, we’ve been open 10 weeks now and from a standing start we’re delighted to have sold over 20 properties in that time. We knew we were getting our clients some excellent prices, so we totted them all up and discovered that we have achieved 105% of asking prices and over £5m of property sales.

The 3 elements we think are key to achieving the best price are as follow;

The latest data shows that mortgage accessibility has doubled in the last year to a record high 30% at the end of 2016, up from 15% in 2015, demonstrating improved, positive lending conditions for potential buyers. The number of brokers who did not have a problem sourcing a mortgage for any clients in the second half of 2016 was up from 26% in the first half of the year alone, further highlighting the resilience of the lending market, despite potential concerns over the impact of Brexit.

20th March is the first day of Spring, so at haus we thought we’d share a few of ideas and tips to help you attract lots of viewers and get the best price.


After weeks and months of planning we're absolutely delighted to open our doors to Sheffield buyers and sellers. As estate agents, we've been around a long time. We all started off as independent agents many moons ago until 2011 when we sold our previous business to a corporate group. Well...we must say it feels fantastic to be independent once again.

It means we have complete control of our customer’s requirements so we can tailor the sale of their property to what they actually need and do what we have always been good at...getting the best price for their property!

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